Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Questions and Answers

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Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Near Me in Gulf Breeze, FLPhysical rehabilitation therapy helps restore proper function and range of motion to the body after sustaining an injury. Rehabilitative treatments are often prescribed after sports injuries, to ensure the athlete is able to return to their normal activities. Thanks to physical rehabilitation, countless people have restored function and mobility.

Why do I need physical rehabilitation therapy and how can it help me?

There are many benefits to physical rehabilitation therapy, including:

Remove or Reduce Pain — Soft tissue mobilization can help relieve excruciating pain in your joints. Treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or taping can improve blood circulation and promote quicker healing. These treatment methods can also be used to prevent recurrent pain.

Avoid Invasive Surgery — Physical therapy can help avoid surgery by restoring joint mobility and function. By itself, physical therapy can help many injuries heal without the need of stitches.

Enhance Mobility — Whether you are an active athlete or a senior citizen, if you find it difficult to move, walk or stand, physical therapy can help improve your mobility. Physical rehabilitation therapy can help strengthen and stretch your muscles and joints.

Improve Recovery From a Stroke — A stroke can impede on your ability to function or move your limbs. With the use of physical therapy, you can increase strength in various parts of your body and regain your balance after suffering a stroke. Physiotherapy can help you to regain your independence and take care of the activities in your day-to-day life.

What is the difference between physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation refers to the process of restoring the original condition of the body and restores and enhances the mobility of people with physical impairments. Many of these impairments include injuries that affect bones, joints, muscles, spinal cord, ligaments, and nerves.

This treatment’s objective is to improve patients’ independence. Successful physical rehabilitation allows one to continue with their regular day-to-day life.

Rehabilitation has a broad scope and incorporates re-learning skills. Physical rehabilitation can also involve learning alternative ways of performing tasks or moving around.

This type of treatment involves helping individuals regain their physical strength. Patients who finish their physical rehabilitation program have an improved quality of life. Regardless of an injury’s severity, they learn to do several functions.

On the other hand, physical therapy is a branch of physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps to correct impairments and dysfunctions caused by a patient’s injuries. This treatment improves the mobility, range of motion and functional ability of a patient. Physical therapy involves several methods of manual treatment which improve the alignment and flexibility of patients’ soft tissues and bones.

It incorporates balance training, therapeutic exercises, functional mobility, gait training and stretching. The treatment seeks to improve a patient’s quality of life by increasing function and reducing pain. You may consider physical therapy if you have a spine injury, stroke, joint conditions, and/or pain. Physical therapy can greatly reduce the recovery period for spine injuries and limits the damage to your back and neck.

What different techniques are used at Coastal Medical Integration?

Coastal Medical Integration uses a variety of physical rehabilitation techniques, such as:

Interferential or Electrical Stimulation — Interferential Therapy, or IFT, is a treatment to relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process. It uses frequencies to penetrate within the body.

Ultrasound Therapy — This treatment uses ultrasound technology to treat chronic pain and promote tissue healing. Ultrasound can provide deep heating to soft tissues to increase blood circulation.

Exercise Rehab Therapy — Physical rehabilitation therapists employ exercises to strengthen muscles, promote full range of motion, and enhance mobility. Specific exercises are chosen for each individual to maximize results.

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