Dr. Decker is amazing! She always spends quality time with me and is super patient with me bringing my kids in for my adjustments. She has been very knowledgeable about every situation that I have brought to her. I think it says something when you want to be friends with your doc! She is so likable and relatable!
Tracy P | Jun-10-2021 | Google Reviews
Dr.Decker really listens to you and designs a treatment agenda catered to your needs. Several times,I could barely walk due to lower back pain. Much,much better after my appt. with Dr. Decker.

william p | Apr-22-2021 | Google Reviews

Phenomenal experience! Blown away by the personal concern, care and follow up. Dr. Sheila is a great chiropractor who is creating raving fans!!! If you are hurting or lost hope because of your injury, look no further!

Tim P | Apr-07-2021 | Google Reviews

Wonderful experience! Love all of the modern tools and tables she uses! I felt so much better when I left.

Jeannie W | Mar-31-2021 | Google Reviews

Dr. Decker has been absolutely amazing! Due to some nerve compression issues I was unable to bear weight on my right leg, specifically my knee I called her office at 11am she got me in at 3pm, within 24 hours I was able to weight bear again. So happy with her services and will be following up regularly!

Amy W | Mar-19-2021 | Google Reviews

Dr. Decker was great !!! I came in desperate and not knowing what to expect. She was very knowledgeable and explained to me in great detail about my issues I had been dealing with. It was my first appointment and I left feeling better and completely satisfied!!!

Chuck S | Feb-20-2021 | Google Reviews

Very personal, communicative, and professional. I went in for facial acupuncture and could feel the difference afterwards. It wasn’t a complete 100% change, but it was also my first visit. I will go routinely to see the maximum benefit đŸ™‚

Christina G | Feb-05-2021 | Google Reviews

Dr Decker is amazing. I informed her about my issue and she explained on what could be causing it and worked on that area. Can’t wait to see her at my next appointment. Highly recommend!